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Reite Plants

Reite Plants: An Ethnobotanical Study in Tok Pisin and English

Porer Nombo
James Leach
Volume: 4
Copyright Date: 2010
Published by: ANU Press
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    Reite Plants
    Book Description:

    Reite Plants is a documentation and discussion of the uses of plants by speakers of the Nekgini language, a people who reside in the hinterland of the Rai Coast in northern Papua New Guinea. High quality images and detailed information about traditional customary practices using plants provide a unique entry into understanding Nekgini social and cultural life. The book contains a discussion of the ownership of plant knowledge in the context of both local and contemporary global trends. As a dual language, co-authored text, the book is a unique contribution to the ethnobotany and anthropology of Melanesia. Reite Plants represents the product of a long term collaborative work between the authors. This book makes an important contribution … Nombo and Leach provide an exciting example of how much a deeper exploration of cultural context adds to the field of ethnobotany. It will make very good company with the classic ethnobiological collaborative work of Saem Majnep and Ralph Bulmer on the birds and animals of the Madang highlands. Robin Hide, The Australian National University  

    eISBN: 978-1-921666-01-8
    Subjects: Botany & Plant Sciences

Table of Contents

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  1. Front Matter
    (pp. i-iv)
  2. Table of Contents
    (pp. v-vi)
  3. Toksave bilong ol man raitim buk
    (pp. vii-xiv)
  4. Ol man raitim buk
    (pp. xv-xvi)
  5. Ol piksa long buk
    (pp. xvii-xxiv)
  6. Sapta Wan Wokim ol samting ol tumbuna bin mekim
    (pp. 1-32)

    Ol fers waitman i bin kam long Raikos (Figure 1) long yia 1885 na wanpela Rhenish (Lutheran) misin bin kamap long 1923. Tasol long Reite stret, nogat wanpela misin o gavman i bin kam inap long 1936. Sampela ol ain tru bilong tamiok, ol bin karim i kam long Jemani, i stap yet long ples. Mipela save dispela het bilong tamiok i mas bin kam long ples olsem klostu long 1900. Long dispela taim, mipela no gat ol samting bilong waitman i kam long Reite.

    Bipo, long taim bilong ol tumbuna, mipela bin save wokim olgeta samting long lukautim sindaun...

  7. Sapta Tu Wokim samting bilong tambaran, bilong rausim tewel, na bilong marila
    (pp. 33-50)

    Mipela long Reite save long planti ol samting bilong pasin kastom na wok wantaim ol masalai na tewel.

    Reite em i gat wanpela tambaran bilong ol man. Em i haitpela samting. Mipela save kolim tambaran, Kaapu, long Tokples Nekgini. Ol pikinini na meri no inap save long tambaran na ol i no inap lukim ol samting bilong tambaran. Em i tambu tru. Olsem i no olgeta manmeri save long ol dispela we bilong yusim ol plant.

    Ol sampela samting long dispela sapta i stap strongpela tru insait long laip bilong mipela. Luhu mipela save yusim long olgeta samting. Em save...

  8. Sapta Tri Wokim ol samting bilong daunim sik
    (pp. 51-72)

    Long taim bipo, ol tumbuna save olsem as bilong olgeta sik i stap long kros o wari wantaim ol narapela man, o tumbuna/masalai givim sik long ol man. Long dispela taim bipo insait long ples bilong tumbuna bilong mipela, i gat wanpela kain rot bilong givim sik long ol narapela man. Mipela save kolim dispela rot, ʹposinʹ, na wan wan ples (palem) i gat posin man bilong ol bilong lukautim ol. I no olsem posin stret. Posin em min olsem kisim hap samting bilong narapela na putim long mambu long paia, na sik bai kisim dispela man. Nau yet, mipela...

  9. Sapta Foa Wokim ol samting bilong haitim man o meri long bus
    (pp. 73-80)

    Taim ol boi save hait long bus na lukim tambaran, na taim ol meri save kalapim skin bilong ol, i gat ol we bilong wokim senis bilong ol mas kamap gut. Taim bilong ol lusim haus o kamap long ai bilong ol man, i gat we bilong mekim ol mas skin tait na lait na lukluk bilong ol mas kamap gutpela.

    At initiation for boys and first menses for girls, neophytes are secluded in the menʹs house or in the bush (boys) or a village house (girls). Plants are used to ensure their correct development during this period and their...

  10. Sapta Faiv Wokim ol samting bilong ai bilong gaden
    (pp. 81-94)

    Long Reite, olgeta gaden taro i gat sut o ai bilong gaden (wating). Patuki [stori] yet em tokim ol tumbuna long planim gaden olsem insait long tupela taro stori bilong ol Reite: Samat Matakaring Patuki na Maiʹanderei Patuki. Taro ʹkapaʹ (Plate 7-1) em i nambawan kain taro Patuki bin givim ol tumbuna.

    Taim taro redi pinis long gaden, ol man save planim ol samting bilong wating gen long rot i stap arere long gaden. Dispela wok em bilong banisim gaden. Ol save tok, ʹpasim rot bilong taroʹ. Taro bai no inap ranawe, na bai stap longpela taim long gaden.


  11. Sapta Sikis Wokim ol samting bilong kamapim yam na pik
    (pp. 95-102)

    I gat wanpela kastom bilong mipela long kamapim yam, olsem mipela bungim sampela plants na haitim i stap long graun long het bilong yam. Mipela save wokim dispela pasin kastom long taim yam i go antap pinis, na em ʹwokim haus bilong enʹ pinis. Taim yu laik haitim, yu kolim nem bilong yam Patuki na putim samting i go daun.

    Pik em i bikpela samting long Papua Niugini. Magistrate bilong mipela, em save tok olsem, ʹYu mas i gat pik bilong olgeta samtingʹ. Olsem mipela save bisi tru long kamapim ol pik. Tasol long ples bilong mipela, em i hat...

  12. Sapta Seven Ol kaikai bilong tumbuna
    (pp. 103-118)

    Mipela save tok olsem, ʹmipela stap long wanpela ples namelʹ. I no nambis, na i no maunten stret. Mipela stap namel long tupela, olsem mipela i gat planti samting bilong kaikai. Mipela save stap long taro, na taro gaden em i bikpela samting bilong mipela. I gat kain kain yam na banana mipela save planim wantaim taro long gaden. Tasol i gat ol kaikai long bus antap long ol samting mipela yet planim, na pastaim ol tumbuna save stap long dispela ol kaikai long taim nogut, o bilong bungim wantaim gaden kaikai. Long dispela sapta i gat ol samting ol...

  13. Sapta Et Wokim samting bilong mekim pisin i kamap planti
    (pp. 119-130)

    Taim mipela wokim haus pisin (haus bilong ol man hait na sutim ol pisin) mipela save wokim sampela samting bilong mekim ol pisin kam klostu. Long dispela sapta mipela putim ol plaua mipela save yusim long dispela kain wok. Olgeta plaua i gat we bilong ol. Kisim ol liklik ston pastaim. Ol liklik ston mas i kam long ples we Wara Seng (Figure 1) save tantanim wantaim solwara long maus bilong wara, na kisim plaua bilong Tembam na bungim wantaim dispela ston. Kukim wantaim wara i kam long dispela ples. Kisim dispela wara, em hap hap kolwara na solwara, bungim...

  14. Sapta Nain Wokim ol samting bilong painim sik o man i dai
    (pp. 131-138)

    Planti samting i gat wok wantaim kambang bilong painim husat salim posin o sanguma bilong kilim man. Mipela tok ʹkambangʹ, em wankain kambang tasol ol man save kaikai wantaim buai na daka. Long kastom, tewel bilong man i dai inap bai kisim kambang na wokabaut wantaim. Lek bilong tewel bai lusim kambang ples klia long rot i go long ples ol salim sanguma bin kilim dispela man.

    I gat ol narapela rot long painim sanguma o posin, olsem bihainim bombom, tasol long dispela sapta mipela tok long kambang na katim tanget tasol.

    Most of the plants that follow are used...

  15. Laspela hap long buk Wan: Pasin bilong skelim samting long Reite stori bilong Porer Nombo
    (pp. 139-148)
  16. Laspela hap long buk Tu: Husat papa bilong save long ol plants? stori bilong James Leach
    (pp. 149-172)
  17. Tanim tok bilong ol Tokples Nekgini
    (pp. 173-184)
  18. Ol reference
    (pp. 185-186)
  19. Ol narapela buk na pepa bilong James Leach
    (pp. 187-188)
  20. Ol samting i stap long buk
    (pp. 189-192)