The Shaping of America
Book Description:

This entirely fresh interpretation of American history by a renowned historical geographer is the first in a projected three-volume series. Meinig here focuses on colonial America, examining how an immense diversity of ethnic and religious groups-Europeans, Africans, American Indians-ultimately created a set of distinct regional societies. Richly illustrated with more then forty specially prepared maps and contemporary illustrations, this volume prompts us to rethink the settling of North America."A standard work in its field. . . . For readers seeking a bird's-eye view of early American geography. . . there is no better guide available."-William Cronon,New YorkTimes Book Review"Simply the best book in the English language by a contemporary geographer I have read over the past forty-odd years, and one of the most important. . . . A magisterial achievement, a grand shaking up and reassembling of fact and ideas."-Wilbur Zelinsky,Journal of Geography"All historians of the American experience should read and come to terms with this book."-Malcolm J. Rohrbough,Georgia Historical Quarterly"This book is a masterpiece in the best and old sense of the word."-Alfred W. Crosby,Southwestern Historical Quarterly

eISBN: 978-0-300-17396-3
Subjects: History