Side Dishes
Book Description:

Moving beyond the "main dishes" of traditional literary works,Side Dishesoffers a provocative and delicious new understanding of Latin American women's authorship and activism. The book illuminates a wealth of creative and intellectual work by Latin American women-editors, directors, cartoonists, academics, performance artists, and comedians-and explores them in light of their treatment of women's sexuality.

Side Dishesconsiders feminist pornography and literary representations of masturbation, bisexuality, lesbianism, and sexual fantasies; the treatment of lust in stand-up comedy and science fiction; critical issues in leading feminist journals; and portrayals of sexuality in four contemporary Latin American films. Melissa A. Fitch concludes with a look at the rise of women's and gender studies programs in Latin America.

eISBN: 978-0-8135-4853-1
Subjects: Sociology