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Words for Empty and Words for Full

Words for Empty and Words for Full

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    Words for Empty and Words for Full
    Book Description:

    "As always with a Bob Hicok book, fascinating and a book you sort of can't help but pick up and suddenly, two hours later, find yourself having read straight through. I can think of just about no contemporary poets who publish such consistently great work." -Corduroy Books

    "Bob Hicok's poetry is a fleeting comfort, a temporary solace from the chaos of the world. Smart, honest, powerfully inventive, his writing asks the biggest questions while acknowledging that there are no answers beyond the imposed structure of the page." -Los Angeles Times on This Clumsy Living

    "The most potent ingredient in virtually every one of Bob Hicok's compact, well-turned poems is a laughter as old as humanity itself, a sweet waggery that suggests there's almost no problem that can't be solved by this poet's gentle humor." -New York Times Book Review on Insomnia Diary

    eISBN: 978-0-8229-9093-2
    Subjects: Language & Literature

Table of Contents

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  1. Some things that come together in coming apart
    (pp. 7-8)
  2. Punk, or a mouthful of sweat glands
    (pp. 20-21)
  3. This, that needs to be done
    (pp. 26-26)
  4. This day as a version of the last
    (pp. 47-47)
  5. Hope is a thing with feathers that smacks into a window
    (pp. 53-54)
  6. Meditation on a false spring
    (pp. 57-59)
  7. In the future, the future will be the past
    (pp. 68-69)
  8. Call me a lyre, I dare you
    (pp. 70-70)
  9. Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down
    (pp. 71-72)
  10. Making the list I will never make
    (pp. 73-75)
  11. From the history of grade school
    (pp. 88-89)
  12. All law enforcement is local
    (pp. 99-100)
  13. One interpretation of your silence
    (pp. 105-106)
  14. Do you too always feel differently the same?
    (pp. 113-114)
  15. People who live in stones should cast glass houses
    (pp. 115-116)