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The Kipper und Wipper Inflation, 1619-23

The Kipper und Wipper Inflation, 1619-23: An Economic History with Contemporary German Broadsheets

Martha White Paas
TRANSLATIONS BY George C. Schoolfield
Copyright Date: 2012
Published by: Yale University Press
Pages: 224
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    The Kipper und Wipper Inflation, 1619-23
    Book Description:

    This book is an economic analysis of theKipper und Wipperinflation of 1619-23, the most serious German inflation before the hyperinflation following World War I, with a particular focus on how it affected people's lives and behavior. The volume features full-page reproductions of rare contemporary broadsheets-early forerunners of the modern newspaper-with striking illustrations and engaging texts. Published here in their entirety and for the first time in superb English translation, they are a unique window on society at the time and give a voice to the people who were actually devastated by the inflation.

    eISBN: 978-0-300-14677-6
    Subjects: Economics, History

Table of Contents

  1. Front Matter
    (pp. i-vi)
  2. Table of Contents
    (pp. vii-x)
  3. Preface
    (pp. xi-xii)
  4. The German Inflation of 1619–23
    (pp. 1-17)
    Martha White Paas
  5. Note on Broadsheets
    (pp. 18-21)
    John Roger Paas
  6. Note on the Translations
    (pp. 22-24)
    George C. Schoolfield

    • PLATE I. Sad Lamentation about My Moneybag
      (pp. 27-29)
    • PLATE II. The Purse’s Wretched Howling, Ceaseless Lament, and Accusations against Its Master
      (pp. 31-33)
    • PLATE III. Coin Arrangement of the Clippers and Whippers
      (pp. 35-39)
    • PLATE IV. Epitaph or Grave Inscription of Good Money
      (pp. 41-45)
    • PLATE V. The Profiteering Master Coiner
      (pp. 47-49)
    • PLATE VI. A New Guessing Game
      (pp. 51-53)
    • PLATE VII. New Coin-Ladder
      (pp. 55-57)
    • PLATE VIII. A New Colloquy on Money’s Present Unbelievable Inflation and the Wretched State of Coinage
      (pp. 59-65)
    • PLATE IX. How the Rich Man Devours the Poor
      (pp. 67-67)
    • PLATE X. Prickly Sea Holly, Or the Way of the World at the Present Time
      (pp. 69-73)
    • PLATE XI. Here Dame Poverty Is Indicated, together with Many Artisans, according to Their Activity and Existence Today
      (pp. 75-79)
    • PLATE XII. Two Kinds of Supplication to You Gentlemen
      (pp. 83-91)
    • PLATE XIII. Mirror of Greed and Usury, in Which Those Are Put on Display Who Are Infected with the Revolting Vice of Insatiable Greed and Usury, Placed before Your Eyes as an Earnest Warning
      (pp. 93-97)
    • PLATE XIV. Tantali fames, That is: Description of the Insatiable and Utterly Harmful Nature and Quality of the Violent Illness of Avarice in Which Both from Holy Scripture and Profane and Worldly Authors It Is Briefly Demonstrated That an Ill-Gotten Penny, as the Widespread Proverb Says, Will Devour Ten Others. Melius est modicum justo, super diuitias peccatorum multas, Psalm 36.
      (pp. 99-103)
    • PLATE XV. The Leper Money
      (pp. 105-109)
    • PLATE XVI. The Mentor of the Most Pernicious Whippers and Clippers as Despoilers of Money, Land, and Populace
      (pp. 111-113)
    • PLATE XVII. A Dreadful News Account of What Happened in This Year 1621 to a Moneychanger; This Newspaper Gives a Complete Report of How He Was Suddenly Punished by God.
      (pp. 115-115)

      Listen to the dreadful news of what happened to a moneychanger in a small market town called Waresville, not far from Moanford. Casper Damageman is the name of him who has brought upon himself the curse of God and man. Because he has bought up good money in the country, melted it down, made worthless money out of it, and deceived the country with it, a dreadful inflation came about in everything that people need to sustain their lives. Therefore, the poor cried out to God and begged that He take this affliction from them, which prayers God graciously heard...

    • PLATE XVIII. When the Needy and the Greedy Meet, the Devil Is the Middleman
      (pp. 117-119)
    • PLATE XIX. Melancholy Lament of the Poor concerning the Exceedingly Great Inflation and the Afflicted Time
      (pp. 121-123)
    • PLATE XX. The Jewish Clipper and Profiteer
      (pp. 125-127)
    • PLATE XXI. Sincere Christian Admonition to the Godless and Conscienceless Usurers, That They Nonetheless May Pay Better Heed to the Eternal Salvation of Their Souls, etc.
      (pp. 129-131)
    • PLATE XXII. Genuine Interpretation of Mankind’s Love of Money, together with Its Usefulness and Harm
      (pp. 133-135)
    • PLATE XXIII. The Laughing and Weeping Money-Mission
      (pp. 137-145)
    • PLATE XXIV. Chart of the Large Kinds of Coins, How from the Year 1582 until 1623 They Have Risen and Fallen
      (pp. 147-147)
    • PLATE XXV. Copy of a Communication, Which by the Supreme Prince of Hell, Lucifer, Has Been Dispatched as a Reminder to Each and Every Clipper and Whipper, Usurer and Skinner, That They Who Will Desire, Constantly and Willingly, to Remain at Their Task, Already Begun, of Clipping and Whipping, Defrauding and Cheating, Rascality and Thievery as It May Further Be Named, and Finally What Their Compensation Shall Be for Their Labor and Faithful Service, Forever and in Eternity.
      (pp. 149-155)

      We, Lucifer, by God’s Disfavor, a Monarch of All the Godless, an Archduke of the Darkness, a Prince of the World and Father of Lies, a Perverter of Truth, a Chieftain of all Gangs and Sects, an Originator of All Evil and Misfortune, Promoter of Ruin and Harm, an Accuser of Sinners, Declared Foe of the Whole Human Race and an Opponent of God and All His Saints, etc.

      Offer you all, our newborn, chosen, dearest, and most faithful servants, friends, and sons, Jews and consorters with Jews, and all you who have to do with clipping and whipping, usury,...

    • PLATE XXVI. Brief and Simple, Nonetheless Clear and Sufficient Instruction and Description, of What Actually Are the Origin and Arrival of That Honorable Society Which Is Called clipping and whipping, by What Means It Has Increased and Grown, What Fair Fruits It Has Borne, and Finally What Sort of End and Reward It One Day Has to Expect. Composed for All Those Who Have Taken Part in This Guild, or Are Somewhat Inclined and Helpful to It, as a Truehearted Warning, but for Others as Instruction and Consolation, and Represented in This Picture by dicæophilus misokippum, Citizen of Christianopolis.
      (pp. 157-159)
    • PLATE XXVII. Hip-Hip-Hurray: The Moneyman Has Come
      (pp. 161-164)
  8. List of Repositories
    (pp. 165-166)
  9. List of Plate Sizes
    (pp. 167-168)
  10. Credits
    (pp. 169-171)