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Religion in Dutch Society 2005

Religion in Dutch Society 2005: Documentation of a National Survey on Religious and Secular Attitudes and Behaviour

R. Eisinga
A. Need
M. Coenders
N.D. de Graaf
M. Lubbers
P. Scheepers
M. Levels
P. Thijs
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    Religion in Dutch Society 2005
    Book Description:

    This data guide exhaustively documents the results of a 2005 survey of religious and secular attitudes and behavior in the Netherlands. The data files and additional documentation can be downloaded from EASY, the online archiving system of the Institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS). DANS promotes sustained access to digital research results and encourages scientific researchers to systematically archive and reuse data.

    eISBN: 978-90-485-1889-0
    Subjects: Religion

Table of Contents

  1. 1 Introduction
    (pp. 9-16)

    ThisData Guideprovides the documentation of the research design, the sampling method, and the variables of the national Dutch surveyReligion in Dutch Society 2005as part of general research program on social and cultural developments in the Netherlands. This cross-sectional survey is a replication and extension of five previous surveys that can be used to ascertain and analyse social trends in Dutch society from 1979-2005.

    In 1979 a nation-wide survey calledSecularisation and Depillarisation in the Netherlands (Secularisering en ontzuiling in Nederland(SON)) was conducted. The aim of this survey was to investigate the influence of church involvement...

  2. 2 Documentation of the variables
    (pp. 17-141)

    This chapter documents the variables. It reports the guide to the codebook (2.1), a list of the variables (2.2), and their documentation (2.3).

    To illustrate the layout of the documentation of the variables documented in Section 2.3, an example is given in Scheme 2.1. The letters in parentheses refer to the notes presented after Scheme 2.1.

    (a) Indicates the variable number. A variable number has been assigned to each variable in the SPSS system file. These variable numbers are identical to the ones presented in this documentation. Many of the variables included in this survey were also included in previous...

  3. Appendix 1: Face-to-face questionnaire
    (pp. 143-218)
  4. Appendix 3: Drop-off questionnaire
    (pp. 226-245)