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Mammals of North America

Mammals of North America: (Second Edition)

Copyright Date: 2009
Pages: 248
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    Mammals of North America
    Book Description:

    The best-selling field guide that "sets new standards" (New Scientist) and "makes all other field guides for mammals of the United States. . . and Canada obsolete" (Journal of Mammalogy) is now even better. Covering 20 species recognized since 2002 and including 13 new color plates, this fully revised edition ofMammals of North Americaillustrates all 462 known mammal species in the United States and Canada--each in beautiful color and accurate detail. With a more up-to-date species list than any other guide, improved facing-page descriptions, easier-to-read distribution maps, updated common and scientific names, and track and scat illustrations, this slim, light, and easy-to-use volume is the must-have source for identifying North American mammals.

    Roland Kays and Don Wilson have scoured the technical literature to pull out the key differences between similar species, and illustrated these whenever possible, making the guide useful to amateur naturalists and professional zoologists alike. Casual animal watchers will appreciate the overview of mammal diversity and the tips on identifying animals they can spy in their binoculars, while scientists will appreciate the exacting detail needed to distinguish similar species, including illustrations of shrew teeth, bat toes, and whale dorsal fins.

    The best-illustrated and easiest-to-use field guide to North American mammalsBeautiful and accurate color illustrations of all 462 mammals found in the United States and Canada--including 20 species recognized since 2002112 color plates--including 13 new onesKey identification information--fully revised--on facing pagesThe most current taxonomy/species listFully revised, easy-to-read range mapsIllustrations of tracks, scat, and whale and dolphin dive sequences

    eISBN: 978-1-4008-3350-4
    Subjects: Zoology, Biological Sciences

Table of Contents

  1. Front Matter
    (pp. 1-4)
  2. Table of Contents
    (pp. 5-5)
    (pp. 6-6)
  4. Introduction
    (pp. 7-17)

    A Moose crosses the road and traffic stops. Fearful campers scrutinize a Black Bear as it moves through their campsite. Even a mouse scurrying across the ground in the back yard will attract notice. Mammals command attention. Except for a few common species, most of our 462 mammal species are rarely seen; when they do show themselves, it can be quite exciting.

    Mammals arouse our emotions, often in contradictory ways. The fluffy Gray Squirrel is awfully cute, until it nests in your attic. The charismatic Wolf is a majestic symbol of wilderness, until it threatens your livestock. Depending on your...

  5. Species Plates
    (pp. 18-239)

    Unique with white head and long, scaly, prehensile tail. A medium-sized, rather ponderous-looking mammal with a long pink-tipped snout, white toes, and leathery, white-tipped ears. Body fur is gray with long white and gray guard hairs giving an overall scruffy appearance. Has bright yellow-green eyeshine at night. Known for “playing possum,” a catatonic state assumed in the face of danger. Although it is omnivorous, its slow reflexes make it a better scavenger than active hunter. Diet typically includes a mixture of locally abundant fruits, grains, grubs, and carrion. Nocturnal and primarily terrestrial, opossums are also adept climbers and can exploit...

  6. Glossary
    (pp. 240-241)
  7. Index
    (pp. 242-248)
  8. Back Matter
    (pp. 249-252)