The Structure of Affine Buildings. (AM-168)
Book Description:

InThe Structure of Affine Buildings, Richard Weiss gives a detailed presentation of the complete proof of the classification of Bruhat-Tits buildings first completed by Jacques Tits in 1986. The book includes numerous results about automorphisms, completions, and residues of these buildings. It also includes tables correlating the results in the locally finite case with the results of Tits's classification of absolutely simple algebraic groups defined over a local field. A companion to Weiss'sThe Structure of Spherical Buildings,The Structure of Affine Buildingsis organized around the classification of spherical buildings and their root data as it is carried out in Tits and Weiss'sMoufang Polygons.

eISBN: 978-1-4008-2905-7
Subjects: Mathematics