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Urdu for Children, Book 1

Urdu for Children, Book 1: Part 1

Chief Editor & Project Director Sajida S. Alvi
Farhat Ahmad
Ashfaq Hussain
Humaira Ansari
Firdaus Beg
Rashida Mirza
Hamda Saifi
Illustrator Rashida Yousuf
Copyright Date: 1997
Pages: 89
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    Urdu for Children, Book 1
    Book Description:

    Urdu for Children is the first comprehensive instructional package for teaching children Urdu as a second language. It includes a two-volume textbook, a workbook for learning the mechanics of Urdu writing, a comprehensive teacher's manual, and an audio cassette. Aimed at North American children between the ages of four and six, Urdu for Children combines traditional and whole-language instructional methods. The two-volume textbook includes forty lessons, each structured around a story or poem that reflects the theme "All About Me." This theme was chosen because children in the primary division show the greatest enthusiasm for things that relate to themselves. The methodology, outlined in the teacher's manual, was specifically designed to promote the integration of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills; the children listen to the story or poem recorded on the audio cassette or read by the teacher, repeat it in unison, and read it from the chart. Flash cards, role-playing, and drawing are also used to reinforce vocabulary and comprehension. Developed by a team of trained school teachers with extensive backgrounds in teaching Urdu as a heritage language, Urdu for Children will help meet the needs of a rapidly growing Urdu-speaking community in North America.

    eISBN: 978-0-7735-8055-8
    Subjects: Education

Table of Contents

  1. Front Matter
    (pp. [i]-[ii])
  2. Table of Contents
    (pp. [iii]-[iv])
    (pp. [v]-[vi])
    Sajida S. Alvi
    (pp. [vii]-[viii])
    Sajida S. Alvi
    (pp. [ix]-[x])
    Farhat Ahmad
    (pp. [xi]-[xi])
  7. VOCABULARY English — Urdu
    (pp. [xii]-[xx])
  8. VOCABULARY Urdu — English
    (pp. [xxi]-[xxx])
  9. Theme: My Family
    (pp. 5-16)
    Qayyūm Nazar and Firdaus Beg
  10. Theme: All About Me
    (pp. 17-29)
    Hamda Saifi and Rashida Mirza
  11. Theme: My Toys
    (pp. 30-35)
    Sufi Tabassum and Hamda Saifi
  12. Theme: Food
    (pp. 36-48)
    Humaira Ansari and Ismā’īl Meraṭhi
  13. Theme: School
    (pp. 49-58)
    Ibn-i Inshā’, Rashida Mirza and Altāf Hussain Hālī
  14. Back Matter
    (pp. 1-4)