Nude Descending an Empire
Book Description:

As a collection of politically engaged poetry for the 21st century,Nude Descending and Empiredevelops the lyrical voice of a citizen-poet speaking to the urgency of our contemporary moment, especially its ecological crisis. This is a book that brings all the supposed sensitivity of poetry into contact with the world we actually live in-with all its crises, madness, and modernity-and insists that we feel it all. A reader will recognize many of the urgent political issues of our time, yet will find them re-inhabited and transformed here by the imaginative power of poetry. Our great ecological crisis is cast as the fulfillment of a long history of violence, domination, lies, and alienation-in one word, empire-and the book suggests that a livable future requires that we wholly inhabit our body-heart-mind and discover a new paradigm.

eISBN: 978-0-8229-8029-2
Subjects: Language & Literature