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Sexual Futures, Queer Gestures, and Other Latina Longings

Sexual Futures, Queer Gestures, and Other Latina Longings

Juana María Rodríguez
Copyright Date: 2014
Published by: NYU Press
Pages: 240
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    Sexual Futures, Queer Gestures, and Other Latina Longings
    Book Description:

    Sexual Futures, Queer Gestures and Other Latina Longingsproposes a theory of sexual politics that works in the interstices between radical queer desires and the urgency of transforming public policy, between utopian longings and everyday failures. Considering the ways in which bodily movement is assigned cultural meaning, Juana Mara Rodrguez takes the stereotypes of the hyperbolically gestural queer Latina femme body as a starting point from which to discuss how gestures and forms of embodiment inform sexual pleasures and practices in the social realm.Centered on the sexuality of racialized queer female subjects, the books varied archivewhich includes burlesque border crossings, daddy play, pornography, sodomy laws, and sovereignty claimsseeks to bring to the fore alternative sexual practices and machinations that exist outside the sightlines of mainstream cosmopolitan gay male culture. Situating articulations of sexual subjectivity between the interpretive poles of law and performance, Rodrguez argues that forms of agency continually mediate among these various structures of legibilitythe rigid confines of the law and the imaginative possibilities of the performative. She reads the strategies of Puerto Rican activists working toward self-determination alongside sexual performances on stage, in commercial pornography, in multi-media installations, on the dance floor, and in the bedroom. Rodrguez examines not only how projections of racialized sex erupt onto various discursive mediums but also how the confluence of racial and gendered anxieties seeps into the gestures and utterances of sexual acts, kinship structures, and activist practices.Ultimately,Sexual Futures, Queer Gestures, and Other Latina Longingsreveals in lyrical style and explicit detailhow sex has been deployed in contemporary queer communities in order to radically reconceptualize sexual politics.

    eISBN: 978-0-8147-6271-4
    Subjects: Sociology

Table of Contents

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  1. Front Matter
    (pp. i-iv)
  2. Table of Contents
    (pp. v-vi)
    (pp. vii-x)
  4. Introduction
    (pp. 1-28)

    This book is an amorous gesture, a dedication to another kind of sexual future. It is an episode of language that reaches for the possibility that something else awaits us. This gesture is a kind of touching, a way of sensing what might flow between us. It is sexual in the queerest of ways, meant to inspire intense feeling rather than reproduction; it is multisensory, asynchronic, polysemous, perverse, and full of promise. The “we” in this text is itself a rhetorical gesture of future possibilities, an invitation to sit together in the emotion-laden spaces of meaning making and mystery. Rather...

  5. 1 Who’s Your Daddy? Queer Kinship and Perverse Domesticity
    (pp. 29-68)

    In a text that focuses on sociality, futurity, politics, sex, and gesture, it seems fitting that I start with a consideration of kinship, the imagined site of our most intimate bonds. Our families of origin are repeatedly recounted as the place where the imprint of the disciplinary and expressive forces of sexuality, race, and gender assert their most vigorous intentions. Yet kinship bonds also transform across our life span, making and unmaking social worlds of meaning. While an analysis of kinship serves to highlight corporeal gestures, the intonations of our bodies that are inculcated through our innermost social networks, kinship...

  6. 2 Sodomy, Sovereignty, and Other Utopian Longings
    (pp. 69-98)

    Let me turn now to a localized moment in contemporary Puerto Rican politics, to see how activist gestures function in the everyday practices of queer politics. In the spirit of queerly drawing connections between large-scale political forces and quotidian social and sexual practices, I will begin with a bit of historical context and then a joke. In 1998 Puerto Rico held its third plebiscite in thirty years to “resolve” the political status of Puerto Rico vis-à-vis the United States. Represented were the three major political parties and their respective political options: the Partido Independentista Puertorriqueño (Puerto Rican Independence Party, PIP),...

  7. 3 Gesture in Mambo Time
    (pp. 99-138)

    To write about gesture is to engage that which exceeds language through language, to reach out to touch figures in motion that are no longer there, to capture in static black and white marks the scent of a body that has left no trace. To write about gesture requires, to borrow Peggy Phelan’s iconic phrase, “representation without reproduction” (Unmarked146). Rather than emphasize inscription, Phelan points us to “the possibility that something substantial can be made from the outline left after the body has disappeared.” Her “hunch is that the affective outline of what we’ve lost might bring us closer...

  8. 4 Latina Sexual Fantasies, the Remix
    (pp. 139-182)

    How does submission come to definelatina-ness?We who have been repeatedly colonized and violated, who have been tricked and traded, who have given ourselves over to the allure of erasure through assimilation or who have repeatedly lived up to the stereotypes thrust upon us, who—regardless of how we carry the histories of our subjugation—have had to live with the shame of it all. Slavery and servitude, rape and torture permeate the sexual archives of the Americas, a legacy of violence that did not begin with European conquest, and does not end with migration. Through the flesh of...

  9. The Afterglow
    (pp. 183-188)

    And now we find ourselves at the end of the book, in the afterglow of our sexual encounter together. And like a lover ready to depart, I ask, Was I careful? Was I kind? Did I move you to find another sliver of yourself in my awkward attempts at haptic textuality? In these pages, I have tried to theorize the work of queer sociality through the erotic, to forge a bond between political projects of social transformation and the urgency of imaging other sexual futures. Using gesture as the verb that punctuates the ongoing, partial, and incomplete nature of our...

  10. NOTES
    (pp. 189-212)
    (pp. 213-228)
  12. INDEX
    (pp. 229-244)
    (pp. 245-245)