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Research Report


Grahame Applegate
Kuswata Kartawinata
Art Klassen
Copyright Date: Jan. 1, 2001
Pages: 126
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Table of Contents

  1. (pp. iii-xi)
    A. Fattah, Mafa Chipeta, Untung Iskandar, H. Arifin Trihastoyo and The Authors

    This book, “Reduced Impact Logging Guidelines For Indonesia” has been long awaited by logging practitioners in the field. It is designed as a guide to environmentally sound logging operations in Indonesia. Reduced Impact Logging (RIL), as many forest practitioners perceive, is part of the effort to attain sustainable forest management.

    To meet the needs of users, the book uses simple language to make it easy to understand, and is presented in a unique and handy format, making it easy to carry in the field.

    It is our pleasure to acknowledge the contribution of the ITTO, through ITTO Project PD 12/97...

  2. (pp. 1-4)

    In Indonesia, forest management and logging operations are regulated under the Indonesian Selective Cutting and Planting System (Sistem Tebang Pilih Tanam Indonesia/TPTI). RIL practices are recommended under TPTI; however, these are seldom applied in the field for numerous reasons, including:

    1. Lack of regulatory control over harvesting practices.

    2. Limited specificity in how to conduct RIL techniques.

    3. Lack of understanding of the benefits of RIL.

    4. Lack of understanding of the steps necessary to implement RIL and lack of specific technical skills.

    There is general recognition that existing logging practices need to be improved to ensure a viable residual stand for the successive...