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Research Report

Eucalyptus urophylla S.T. Blake: Ecology and silviculture in Vietnam

Chaw Chaw Sein
Ralph Mitlöhner
Copyright Date: Jan. 1, 2011
Pages: 26
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Table of Contents

  1. (pp. 1-1)

    The largest plantations of Eucalyptus urophylla S.T. Blake occur in Brazil. In recent years, the popularity of planting this species has increased markedly in humid and subhumid tropical climates. These regions include areas such as parts of Brazil, Indonesia and southern China (Eldridge et al. 1993). As the global population has increased and areas of native forest diminished, tree plantations and agroforestry have become an increasingly important source of timber, fuel-wood and raw materials for pulp and paper, particularly in developing countries. From these new forests, species of the genus Eucalyptus are widely used to provide wood products in regions...

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    Botanical name: Eucalyptus urophylla S.T. Blake

    Family: Myrtaceae

    Subfamily: Myrtoideae

    Vernacular/common names: Bach dan Urophylla (Vietnam); Timor white gum, Timor mountain gum (United Kingdom); Popo, Ampupu (Indonesia); Palavao Preto (Portuguese), Eucalipto (Brazil) (Jøker 2004).

    Eucalyptus urophylla can reach heights of 45–55 m and is evergreen. In unfavourable environments it grows as a gnarled shrub, though its bole is usually straight. The bark varies depending on available moisture and altitude but is usually persistent, smooth and subfibrous, reddish brown to brown in colour, with shallow, close longitudinal fissures. Sometimes, however, it may appear rough, especially at the base of the trunk....

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    Eucalyptus urophylla first begin to flower when they are 2–3 years old, with seeds being produced abundantly by the age of 4. Flowering occurs during the dry season and within 6 months the seeds reach maturity. The major pollinators of the flowers are insects, birds and mammals, and to a lesser extent, wind. The fruits occur in rosettes of 5–7. The seeds can be judged mature when the fruits become hard and brown and begin to open. Prior to opening, the fruits should be cut from the branches by hand and placed in paper or cloth sacks. To...

  4. (pp. 4-6)

    Seeds can be scattered or planted in furrows prepared with friable, porous or light-textured organic matter, which allows for adequate drainage. Usually, 25–50 g of seed is mixed with an equal quantity of fine sand and is broadcast sown over each levelled nursery bed before being covered with a thin layer of fine sand. Beds are watered with a watering can fitted with a fine rose and are normally covered with bamboo slats during the day time until the seedlings have attained a height of 5–6 cm and are suitable for pricking out

    The potting mixture consists of...

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    Eucalyptus urophylla is extremely susceptible to competition in the early stages and must be kept weed free for 6–12 months (RISE 2009). Post planting weed control is required twice in the first 6 months and must be done carefully with manual backpack sprayers (White sell et al. 1992). Alternatively, weeds can be controlled by hand pulling, hoeing or disc-cultivating. Clean tending near the young trees themselves by hand-pulling is not a difficult operation when the soil is in good condition. The weeds can be controlled by discharrowing between the rows. It is important to remove weeds before they seed...

  6. (pp. 10-14)

    Height and diameter are important inventory measures for estimating tree volume. Samples were collected from smallholder Eucalyptus urophylla plots in the study areas in Vietnam. In Binh Dinh Province, samples were collected from 57 plots representing age classes of 1–5 years and in Phu Tho Province, from 110 plots representing age classes of 1–6 years. Michailow’s growth function was used to estimate the diameter and height of the stand:

    Table 1 presents growth in diameter and height of samples from 57 Eucalyptus urophylla plots in Binh Dinh Province, Vietnam

    In Binh Dinh Province, the annual growth in diameter...