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Research Report


Copyright Date: Aug. 4, 2006
Pages: 42
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Table of Contents

  1. (pp. 12-20)

    The establishment of the UN Peacebuilding Commission has been hailed as a “historic” international commitment to the promotion of post-conflict reconstruction. Its creation is deemed to be particularly relevant in promoting peace and security, since half of war-torn countries in the post-Cold War era have relapsed into war within five years of the end of hostilities. This phenomenon was identified by UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan as a “gaping hole” in UN efforts to assist countries recovering from war to make the transition to durable peace.² At the 2005 UN Millennium Summit, Annan noted that international responses to countries emerging from...

  2. (pp. 21-31)

    Ensuring security is essential for peacebuilding. The UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), in co-operation with other international partners such as ECOWAS, was involved in stabilising the situation in the country through the establishment of governance institutions. Without stability, all other peacebuilding initiatives can easily be undermined and resources wasted. UNMIL recognised that unless the basic institutions of governance have been established, it is not possible to put in place an effective process of post-conflict peacebuilding.39

    Peacebuilding in Liberia was often conditional on the unstable situations in neighbouring Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea and Sierra Leone.40 The strategies devised by UNMIL to deal...

  3. (pp. 32-33)

    Ten key recommendations on the Peacebuilding Commission emerged from the Maputo meeting:

    It is important for actors in Africa to take ownership of peacebuilding initiatives and to identify priorities for the success of the Commission, which must adopt a context-specific approach. In addition, co-ordination needs to be ensured between the various UN agencies to avoid duplication;

    Lessons must be learned by the Commission in its future activities from the numerous peacebuilding experiences in Africa. Sierra Leone and Burundi will be the first two cases to come before the Commission, and the Chairperson of the Organisational Committee is Angolan. African countries...